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Spectrum XF 8090DCI

Color, duplex, 90/180ppm, 400 dpi, ADF500, SCSI i/f Böwe Bell+Howell Spectrum XF series is the next generation of the very successful 8000 Plus and Spectrum series, proven in production to be highly efficient and reliable. The innovative paper feed mechanism, including ultra sonic multi feed detection, and the image improvement functions guarantee excellent results throughout the lifetime of the scanner. The Spectrum XF series, as its predecessors, offers all the functions of a real production scanner, only with more image improvement technologies built in to improve speed, efficiency and image output quality, or in another word - productivity.

Spectrum XF series comes in three speed versions, 8090, 8120 and 8140, scanning 75, 100 and 115 documents per minute respectively in 200 dpi A4 portrait, bitonal or colour, simplex or duplex.

Spectrum XF has VRS (Virtual ReScan) image enhancement technology built in for maximum performance. This guarantees optimum image quality and minimize output file sizes even if the information to be captured on the original documents is poor, i.e. varies in print quality or interfere with the background.

Furthermore, Spectrum XF has Auto Colour Detect built in, i.e. the operator no longer has to pre-sort documents to be scanned in colour or bitonal. To reduce the output image file size for documents that are essentially containing bitonal information, the Auto Colour Detect function determines if a document is output in bitonal or colour. The operator only needs to define how sensitive VRS has to be to detect colour in a document. This function increases the production throughput considerably when colour and bitonal documents are mixed.

In short, VRS and Auto Colour Detect combined produces excellent output images with minimum file sizes at rated speed, with an absolute minimum of operator attention required.

Working environment
Spectrum XF is built to handle volumes up to 60.000 documents a day. It is characterised by low TCO (Total Cost of Ownership), as all renewable parts are long-lasting, reasonably priced, and consumables are user replaceable. The series is highly recommended for any volume application with high quality and reliability demands.

Note: Spectrum XF is equipped with Audible Tone Assistance and a Braille quick reference guide to assist the visually impaired operator.

Delivery includes:
ISIS and TWAIN drivers
VRS 4.0 Plus (built in)
Kofax Adrenaline 650i board & cables
Operator Manual (in 6 languages)
CD with Installation & Operation Manuals
Camera Calibration Kit
Pre-Scan Imprinter (8140D)

Accessories available:
Pre-Scan Imprinter (8090D, 8120D)
Custom Scanner Table
Extended Exit Tray
Continuous Feeder Tray
Dust Cover
All-in-One Consumables Kit
Separator Roller (User replaceable)
Skimmer (User replaceable)
Lamps (User replaceable)
Varenummer BH-101813-EU

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